Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Story of Uncle Chot

CHOT who prefer to be called Uncle Chot, (bukan nama samaran), a person who celebrate his 40th birthday today, who owns a netbook, with big monitor at home and place it on top of meja makan kedai cina, works in a local FI, and my Sabahan cyber friend.

Got to know him from first I feel kinda weird, who the F is this, siap play my quiz "how well do you know me". Score boleh tahan pass lah, but then rupanya he's a friend of Mimi. Not only that, he chat with me through facebook, and aku just layan sedangkan all this while I wont respond to a stranger.

But he came at the right time where I really need someone to chat with. Someone I dont know. Cos i really need an ear. Even my doctor ask me to find new friends and my boss ask me to do something different, my friend Iz asked me to do something I why not just give it a try.

chat with chot, follow with conference till 3 am everyday. Then I start to realised, this is actually fun, and sometimes, u really need to talk to someone that u dont know, so that u could reveal anything everything because he cant judge you.

I've been addicted to chat with uncle it because uncle chot prefers to be bullied by me? or is it uncle chot always being submissive? Is it uncle chot is really a good listener? and good advisor?

The answer would be YES to all the above mentioned questions.

What makes me excited to chat with uncle chot is the phrase "FOLLOW YOUR HEART BAH" watever things that appears in my mind, not to say im confused, uncle chot will say


and it works all the time...

so uncle chot, this entry is all about you and its actually your birthday gift from cha.

happy birthday to you

happy birthday to you

you look like a kangaroo

and you act like one too

p/s:uncle chot will cry di jamban after this and flushing his head 3 times hahaha


  1. Uncle Chot mesti 3T lepas ni - Terkedu, Tersipu & Terkesima.

  2. ohh chat kat FB yer.... hhihi.... got few FB people strangers trying to communicate to me too... Tapi he start with ' are you an open minded person'.... Fuhhhh.... tak kuasa.... I know what he mean... tak layan lah..... ;-p

  3. cha,, adakah ini JODOHMUH....? persoalannye... :D

  4. Terharu juga membaca blog anak Elsa kali ini. Sesungguhnya anak Elsa ini pada pendapat Uncle adalah seorang gadis yang baik hati dan mudah berkawan. Berani menyuarakan suara hati.
    Lucu juga bila ada komen yang menyatakan yang mungkin Uncle inilah jodoh anak Elsa. Namanya juga Uncle, mana mungkin boleh dijodohkan. Hahaha. Memang lucu sekali.
    Akhir sekali terimakasih atas ucap selamat dari elsa dan kakaknya yang lain.

  5. kembang lah tu si chot.kakakaka