Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekend with The Girls

My weekend is packed with activity. Only girls allowed!!! Beeps in town, just fin her master. So the weekend is all about catching up things, gossiping, bermalas-malas, bergila, berketawa kuat kuat, sesi menonton, membuang masa and etc...only four of us Ida, Beep, Bujie and Me. But i dont think that I need to tell the whole story here since, its kinda "kami kami punya stuffs" which i dont think i want to share here.
But, just to announce that Beep sudah balik, walaupun Malaysia panas, YES! hujan emas jugak di negara kita ni. WELCOME BACK GIRL!! enjoy your holiday, after this kerja! Like us (ida, bujie and me)

Dinner at CILI :)

G&B at TGI

keroke at SOGO, can see rambut si bujie

ahaks, got this from beeps as my birthday gift. tq macha!

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  1. thanks to you, ida and bujie sebab mengentertain aku ya... hugs and kisses.