Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tips to clean your iron box

Too excited to share this. In fact, i have posted in my fb and instagram. Sesiapa yang mengalami masalah untuk membersihkan iron @ muka seterika yang berkuridak? giving you exanple seperti gambar rajah di bawah:

Yes! its mine..jangan tidak tahu, saya memang penggemar membakar baju and iron board sejak zaman dahulu kala lagi...ngeeeeee maafkan saya, maafkan saya. First incident masa study in UTM, i have my own iron in my room. Dont like to share okay, cos I know incident terbakar can happen. And so, i picked my satin baju kurung yang belum pernah pakai lagi and excited to iron cos excited sangat sangat jugak untuk dipakai ke kuliah nanti. But what to do? Turns out, i've burnt it! Rest in Peace my dear green satin baju kurung. Menjerit la satu asrama masa tu. Sorry Inol, my room mate. :) i know I have such a powerful voice. Ngeeee :D

2nd one, when I was attending my sewing class. Everytime habis jahit baju we need to iron kan. And so it happens again...berlubang iron board tu mak kerja kan. Sorry cikgu Murni ;) ... kejadian yg tragedis itew disaksikan oleh my cousin Alicia yg joining the class sama sama.

So back to the story uolls. I found this tips in youtube. Its very useful and easy. All u need is just a panadol and also a cloth/towel. Very simple, first you need to heat up the iron, then rub the panadol/paracetamol. be very careful okay...tangan terbakar mak tak jamin. what happen is, the panadol akan cair seperti lilin, together with all the stain marks...then just wipe it off with a towel/cloth. Tapi kalau takut sangat, letak panadol atas kain yang tebal, and then just wipe your iron. No need to crush the panadol.

Hasil nya...taraaaa!!!!! ngeeee.... :D no more kotoran degil 

here's the link:

Selamat Mencuba :)

1st post for 2013

yup!! that's right, I'm back by popular demand. Ngeeeee...hopefully i can spare some time, at least once a week to update this poor blog ;) Tengah mengumpul bahan bahan and story mory to share to the readers. Thanks for your continuous support. Hope you guys still enjoy reading my blog. Cheers!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nirwana Maju-Banana Leaf Rice


the best that i've ever tasted :)
thumbs up

Elsa Emmilia Kee Like this!

 my banana leaf spreads

usually a set of the banana leaf rice contains:

* 3 vegetables : cucumber salad (x suka makan), sayur kacang and also fried mix bitter gourd + ladies finger yg sangat crispy and tidak didapati di mana mana restoran so far and i think that is one of their specialty and MUST TRY ITEM!! always ask for extra ya

* choices of kuah dhal, chicken curry or fish curry

* acar : quite spicy but nice a bit of sourly taste

* salted dried chili : penambah selera: dont worry x spicy but crunchy

* papadom

* rasam : spicy indian soup with lotsa herbs

 that's the basic, if u want, u can order ur main dish..this ayam kicap is my favourite!

selamat mencuba! pasti nak lagi!
make sure drive safely cos after makan surely become mengantuk :P

this would be my must visit place every month!

Sri Nirwana Maju 
43 Jalan Telawi Tiga,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel No:
03-2287 8445

though finding parking must be a challenging task :) u can park at bangsar village II cos the outlet is just opposite the shopping complex...

kalau x kenyang u can always visit Baskin Robbins for dessert :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Celebrating Father's Day at Minfes

have u heard of Minfes?

It's a Moroccan boutique cafe located at Mutiara Damansara. 
Selling clothes, home decos, accessories, perfume, carpets, lanterns, books, shoes etc.

mari tgk the decos:

our dinner:


 chicken tajine

 lamb kabsha

 Moroccan tea jokingly called Moroccan whiskey


we had our dinner in a private room

upstairs is the Gym:
RM5 per entry, mthly fee: RM90

they also have spa next door

 sorry no pics, sbb dah closed.

services offered:
Hammam and Gommage
steam bath and body scrub
foot massage
body massage
Hair styling

MINFES el moroccain
NO 19,
PJU 7/7A,

03-77252519 (cafe)
03-77225049 (spa)
03-77222467 (gym)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Elephant - Thai Restaurant

since papito and my sis mimi & husband in town, we had our dinner bersama keluarga tersayang at this humble restaurant. Why I call it humble?

because it is located in a residential area somewhere in PJ. Sangat lah terperuk and anda boleh terkejut bagaimana suddenly wujudnya restoran yg menghidangkan menu yang lazat terletaknya di sini.

picked by Amoi, yg sudah 2 kali ke sana, however, kami sesat dahulu before sampai ke destinasi :)
suggested those yg ingin mencuba, boleh lah gunakan khidmat GPS :) or else, keadaan mungkin boleh menjadi mencabar!

C-G-4 Happy Mansion
Jalan 17/13
Section 17, Petaling Jaya

santapan kami pada malam itu:


 salt baked fish

 som tam

 green curry (recommended)

 chicken dish


 thirst quenchers (thumbs up)

 tom yam


anyway, ada upacara selingan di baby anak my cousin Lisa...baru muncul dalam blog ni cos this would be my 1st time to see him dalam keadaan sedar :)
sebelum ni dia tidur hahaha

Happy family
Awang, Mimi, Me, baby Ian, Amoi, shahrul, lisa, kak itok, Papito

P/S: those yg interested to go better make reservation at 010-220 1283 cos this place memang crowded gila! eventho dia terperuk nun jauh di sana ;)

tq for ur superb meal My Elephant