Sunday, November 7, 2010

Boudoir from Soon Ai Ling

First of all, I would like to wish all of you Happy Deepavali.

5th November 2010, kak itok and me decided to spend our precious times together. As what she have promised, she will belanja me for pedicure ;)

we had our lunch at Citrus Cafe, located in Bangsar Village II

the interiors:

 kak itok

 dan aku yang sudah kembang ;p

 i had lamb nasi beriyani

 and nasi goreng special for kak itok

and so, back to our first plan, 

Welcome to Boudoir

 if you still remember, I have blogged about Nail Chic Spa, its by Soon Ai Ling as well, tapi this one lagi grand lah konon..

let's have a look

the counter, siap ada giant peacock menjadi penyambut tetamu haha

 they also sell macaroon

 now, entering the pedicure station


 nice? this place memang gelap

 they have 6 seats altogether, if u need privacy, boleh lah turunkan the curtain

this one tempat menunggu your nails to dry i think

 then they will give you menu..

tapi bukan menu makanan, menu services that they provide

 we chose the "French Affair" feet spa with calycanthus

 ok shall we start?? 

 they are using Acca Kappa

kaki direndam terlebih dahulu dengan 7 jenis bunga katanya..hmmmm

 oh the services comes with free drink, a choice of orange or apple juice, mix juice or red/white wine

they also give you this herbal massage pillow for your back and neck..wahhhh

their tools

i dont think I have to tell everything about the pedicure, I will let you guys to experience it yourself. For the French Affair foot spa, it cost RM90 per person, which i think its so worth it! with the products, professional services, the drinks, the place itself...go and try at least once in a lifetime!

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  1. eeeeeeeeeee.... jelesssssss nya!!!! Punya best ni tempat!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^