Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year Y'all

Merujuk kepada perkara di atas ;)

2010 sudah tiba, 2009 penuh kenangan...kalau tengok di tepi tu, I got 50 things to do in 2009. Mau tau whether I've achieved or not? well well, not all actually. Let me recap a few things that I havent updated.

watch movie once a month, bukan lagi once a month, lebih lebih lagi...maklumlah inilah activity yg murah di KL ni

gain weight: from 47kg, now lemak di perut sudah bertambah. I've gained 6kgs

most of the things yang melibatkan activity pengeluaran $$$ terpaksa di abort. Atas sebab sebab activity yang akan dijalankan in 2010. Tapi apa apahal pun, 2009 has been a great year for me eventho not all the things dikecapi. Inspired by Cath's entry, I would like to recap my 2009....


entered Roda Impian and won a lot of prizes


The whole sisters celebrate my papitos 62nd birthday


awarded Meritorious Award by my company


celebrate my 28th birthday

i've been promoted and transferred to a new department

May the whole family (except papito) perform umrah


the world is shocked by the king of pop's death, and this is the time when I knew who is MJ and realized that we suffered from the same illness

July I've joined sewing class to sharpen my skills and to avoid me for being workaholic

August my first tempahan jahit manik which cost nothing ;) doing a favour for a friend

celebrate Raya in Tawau with my best buddies


Im addicted to food, lots of them, especially seafood...thats when I started to pump in fat into my tummy


my free Vietnam trip, fully sponsored by AEON ;)


DEPRESSED!!!! makan pill banyak banyak

and so I ended my 2009 with Bujie and family. A light but meaningful celebration. (Im very thankful to have such a long friendship. Seingat aku, memang si bujie lah kawan yg paling lama I ever had). And so, Im looking foward to my 2010. Hopefully it would be an exciting year again for me. wait til I update whats coming up in 2010.


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