Wednesday, December 30, 2009

An Intimate Affair with Schokolart

Just a quick review on Schokolart, another choc boutique located in Solaris

dont worry, its not gonna be cocktales ok, hehe

instead of having their cocktales, ida and me ordered:

Ida: Soulmate-The signature shake, its bound to make you shake with pleasure. Dark chocolate ice cream blended with crunchy peanut butter & topped with whipped cream

me: Love Essence-3 scoops of dark chocolate ice cream to give you the ultimate creamy milk shakes

and for dinner :

Baseler: Roesti pan fried with fried onion rings

ida ordered Emmentaler-cheese melted on top of the roesti

oopss sorry, inilah rupa kedai tu

tapi interior tiada, cos kami duduk di luar untuk menikmati suasana magrib di solaris ;)


  1. very nice... and sedap nya itu drinks...

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