Thursday, October 8, 2009

Where to get Yam Basket?

Maybe I never mention about her all this while. But, she's very close to me tho. She used to be my colleague, Lunch Partner, Team Leader, Unit Head, Assistant Manager. And no matter what title you wanna call her, she still my 'keep in touch fren'. JANELLE, thats her name. Even tho she was a citibanker before, but I only knew her when I join Aeon. We were very close together cos we enjoy sharing all the juicy stuffs. Until people call us the gossiper of Aeon Credit. Eventho she has been transfered to JB, but still we continue our habits together.
She came down to KL a few days back to attend a meeting in HQ. So we had our time together. and since the pregger craving like crazy for a yam cake, and so I suggested that we had dinner at HOKKAIDO Restaurant, a chinese seafood restaurant that is not serving pork.

been introduced by my bro in law before
located next to Vistana Hotel
the best part is....the food!

kerapu tiga rasa

lala ginger soup

always my favourite, why no isi???

asparagus masak belachan

butter prawn
and off course the yam cake
total all : RM100++

thats her Janelle a.k.a tukang bayar. and right: kak anis-my ex TL

and thats the pregger yg mengidam sangat yam cake tu ;)
tq Janelle


  1. Best nya jadi org kuyusss ni... makan apa pun tak yah pikir2... T_T.... sodapp nya...

  2. cath-ya kurus tapi buncit!!!
    lisa-kenapa lah kalau ada dato? ko mau? hahah