Saturday, April 11, 2009

Penilik Nasib

Ada suatu cerita menarik....I dont know whether you believe in these kind of things...I mean Tukang Tilik Nasib, Personality Test, Horoscope etc....But I enjoy reading it, for fun only lah....but kalau tahap mempercayai tu a bit kureng lah...BERDOSA TAU...semuanya itu adalah Qada and Qadar.....
BTW, just would like to share with you, few weeks ago, I went to see a doctor, he's a specialist in this homeopathy thingy, before I tell him what's my purpose of seeing him that day, he straight away ask for my birthday and time. After that he look at my face he said "dont worry, everything will be okay" (wah, macam lirik lagu kan). so I just smile at him. Tiba-tiba, dengan tidak semena-menanya, the doctor said "you'll be meeting your partner after May this year" (hmmm??? keningku berkerut, terasa macam makeup ku merekah separuh) he continue and said "you are 28 years old, you dont want to get married early, the sooner the better" I just said "ya" and smile but actually Im confused cos apakah ertinya semua ini, Im seeing a doctor not an astrologer, nama klinik pun KLINIK RS KHAN. Aku rasa aku masih waras, walaupun aku rasa hari tu aku lembap sedikit. Then he said "you'll be getting married next year, ya next year 2010" I just laugh out loud.
And so, I tell him, whats the purpose for me being there, then he said "you love to work" aik???? belum habis lagi ka???? so I replied "yes! Im very workaholic, I put my job first" He look at me and said "ya, but you so tired, because people didnt notice you, people took the credit from you and your boss dont appreciate you" OMG this is scary does he know....but I dont want to show my reaction nanti dia terasa macam dia terror pulak membaca kehidupan ku I just proceed to ask him bout my treatment...bla bla bla..this and that...sekejap jak..then he said he will prepare my medication...then on my way out, he called me "by the way, I forgot to tell you, he is 2-3 years older than you" me-blur "I mean your partner" then I replied "owh...ok, cool, at least you've made me happy today" aku pun terkepot kepot balik rumah.......
belum habis lagi....few days ago, a new branch manager came to my office for observation and training, I heard from others that he will read people's palm. So, on the day that he was assigned to me, aku terasa pelik, cos he never said anything bout me, sedangkan dia ini seorang yang banyak cakap, a motivator lah. Then, in the afternoon, after we talked about my Team Leaders, he felt sleepy, he said he want to rest, so I said "why, why you got nothing to say now?" he replied "thats it lah, I've told you everything, I got nothing to say anymore" aku tidak puas hati "then, why not you talk about me, you havent said anything bout me yet"
Lalu dia menjawab "what do you want to know, you are like this lah" aku geram sambil menghulurkan tangan "then you read my palm lah" dia cuma tersenyum sambil menepis tanganku yang berkuku panjang itu dan berkata "I dont want, I dont want to read yours" aik???? pelik, ini sudah tidak boleh jadi..."why???" then he answered "why should I read your palm?" So I raised my voice "eh, you read others why not me? I also want my free service" then we laughed. He continue "ok, simple question lah Elsa, what do you want in your life?" aku merungut "its not fair you know" pastu, he add "Elsa, you have everything in your life, EVERYTHING. you will get whatever you want in your life. It's just that, men cannot cope with you" aku terdiam "because you are too aggressive, you are too dominant, and in queen control lah senang cerita"
After that he take my hand, and terkejut, and geleng kepala, belek sana, belek sini, senyum sikitm berkerut sedikit...then he start "you have 3 kids" I reacted "ala, I want 2" then he said "NO....belum habis lagi, the first want may got problem, its either you miscarriage or you have to do abortion, and in that time, you memang susah" (hmmm....I have no idea) he added "the best part, you'll married 3 times" (aku tidak terkejut pun, cos sebelum ni, aku pernah baca, mengikut chinese astrloger, aku kahwin lebih dari satu, hmmmm) He continued "thats why I said, men cannot tahan you, because you too dominant, control, and sometimes, you dont care bout their feelings, but the 2nd one will love you a lot, he's the good one, and the 3rd one, he loves you, because of your money and he got scandals outside" (hmmm)
then I asked "kawin kawin jugak, my husband rich or not?" the he answered "rich, but not so rich lah, got money lah, but you got more money than them, that is why, man likes you just because of your money" (hmmmmm, nampaknya aku kena beli lelaki lah ni) hehehe...he continued some more "let me tell you this arr.....actually your hand is different, you know why??? dalam banyak-banyak tangan, you punya dalam 2000 orang, kita cuma boleh jumpa satu je. Because your line here, straight away goes into the middle, right in the middle, that means you got lots of money, you should start your bussiness now" HAAAAA...itu yang au mau dengar....yang lain lain pasal jantan tu tidak penting....hahahaha then after that, aku pun survey whether orang lain punya tapak tangan same with me...hahahahha
watever it is...this is only for fun, cos, we still have the chance to avoid everything by changing our personality...hmmmmm...siapa yang berminat pergilah jumpa palmist ya...GOOD LUCK!!


  1. amboi2...bakal memadukan org lah kau ni...(bukan u yg di madu) tapi lelaki jadi madu...madu 3 hahahah.....

    Yg penting buat bisness yowww.. apa lagi....

  2. KAYA?????????

    am ur freennnnnn elsa....hahahahahahha!!!