Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Makan Makan for my staffs

Another 50 things to do in 2009 - organizing makan makan to all my ex staffs as a token of appreciation for them. By right, it is also my tradition every year after getting my bonus. Maklumlah, mereka lah penentu segala promotion and increment, so actually its only a small investment...
So, today 630pm, we had our makan makan session at level 28, Menara Olympia. So glad that they managed to spend time with me...eventhough Im sad to leave them..but watever it is, just enjoy the photos first....will update the whole story soon....when I feel I got extra time

bertemakan warna pink...ehh mana aku???
hmmm baru ada...

me hugging suhaili, the smallest staffs I've ever had, but very hardworking

seisi menyamun makanan

biasalah, any makan makan mesti ada...

adil tidak sah klu x making face

Puan Yusnita yg sentiasa ceria

menjamu dan memerut

ragu and nagarani pura pura camera shy

owh sambil sambil tu ada seisi penyampaian hadiah for this birthday boy: Ejump

konon konon surprise lah

his collectible item

tiba tiba aku pun dapat early birthday gift..wah!!!

eh, apa ni?????
sekuntum bunga lah...teddy bear with a bouquet wrapping

bersuka ria with the guests

menyantaikan perot

kerja Yaya...when the camera is in his hand...macam macam berlaku..til I've to delete one by one


belum cukup lagi...

ambik kau!!!!

lastly, the Group E photo...

in memory June 2008 - March 2009

(shahrol cakap macam gambar lepas SPM, seronok habis belajar..huhuhu but the outcome very nice, cos we all had a good time eventho we've been separated)
"dear all, thank you for all your support and commitment, I wont forget all the ups and downs that we've been through together..hope to see you all in the next level..."


  1. the last photo...betul2 mcm budak college... ;-p

  2. wah... hari tuh lmnya tunggu update ko... sekali berjela2 la plak.. heheheee gud gud, gud.... ^0^