Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Its been a while

Well some of my fanz keep on asking me why there's no update in my blog...hmmm after my dad went back to Tawau, life's getting busy, working in financial institution, with the global economy crisis, closing date keep on extending with results not meeting the target, and office is like preasure cooker! make it more interesting, bekalan internet at home yang limited haha..and me who always thinks that time is never enough...huargh!!!! bla bla bla....

But there's a lot of things happening here actually....akan di update kan ok.

What's new? Well...looking at my "50 Things To Do in 2009", everything is seems under control and going smoothly...still working on it...

Malu to update and tell the whole world, but yup, its true...I started to read newspaper..ahaks..

eventho I got limited time...I got my staff Ejump to buy my NST every morning, once I reached office at 8:30 am, I will grab my Biz Times since, I only have 15 minutes before my morning briefing, Ejump will asingkan the Biz section and during lunch time only I will cover the rest...eventho I have no time to read the whole section but at least I READ! good start tho.

And Yaya have to clean up the mess, since i just dump all the newspapers at the back of my car. hahaha...and if you notice, I've mentioned that I arrived offive at 8:30am, meaning, atm, I got clean record for coming early to more ELSA in the late comer name list....GOOD JOB Elsa!! that's what Mr Poon always said....and you can see MR Poon smile from ear to ear once he see me early in the morning....but masih bulan March lagi...hopefully the good things will keep on going....

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