Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Gift for My Mimi

ui!!! apa ni???? ayam mati dalam reban kah???? bulu bulu merak dalam mangkuk? Hidangan makan malam?

It's a hairband...I received e mail from Mimi, requesting me to find a hairband fully covered with the peacock feathers...I dont find it lovely, but since she wants it so badly..what the heck la...lagi pun as I go jalan jalan cari accesories for my annual dinner, I saw this weird stuff at Forever 21..and when I text her, without sending the pics, she just asked me to grab it, while stocks last! RM39 for 1 piece of peacock feather stuck in a tiny hairband! layan jak lah...lagi pun Mimi pun selalu belikan aku barang...

It looks like this when you put on top of your head???? WATEVER.... I hope she likes it, walaupun tidak sama, MIMI, nanti kau post the real thing, then kita buat survey to all the readers, which one is nicer ok

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