Sunday, November 23, 2008

Secret Admire - Candy Week

Well, second week for the Secret Admire activity udah passed. The theme for the 2nd week is actually Candy Week: to remind sweet moments of life. wah aku begitu terkezzuttt karena gift yang aku dapat from my buddy memang banyak.hmmm I wonder why????

The first gift that I've received adalah 2 batang coklat zip berperisa strawberi. (hmm...maybe my buddy masih belum kenal aku, cos I dont eat local choc kan) but it's ok...I appreciate it!

This is the note that attached together with the gift. Honestly, I dont understand, and I'm not sure whether my buddy really really mean it.

Then, on Wednesday, I received this one...mmm it's a choc in umbrella shape and the note attached only says "smile, smile, smile"

Thursday, aku mangkir kerja, but Friday morning I saw this Roche on my keyboard...hmm is this really from my buddy? napa bai banyak banyak ya?

Note written. Handwriting lain-lain pulak tu..oh pandai ya..

Then after my TL briefing on Friday morning, I saw this on my table. cute kan

Inilaj isi kandungannya

So total for the candy week, I got 4 gifts. wah my buddy so noti, spoilt me d....

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