Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Best Friend's Wedding

This would be the first friend's wed I've attended in 2003

Inol is my room mate when I was in UTM, among our course buddies (G10),
she's the 1st one to tie the knot

Anyz is also 1 of the G10, and married to her 'abang' senior

Elayne is my colleague when I was a Citibanker.
This would be my 1st time to attend Chinese Wed

Sasha is my kawan atas kawan, but now she my gurlfrenz

The latest is Zurina, my standard 1 classmate.
Can you believe it, 20 years of friendship..

Well....honestly kalau diikutkan, usia ku memang berada dalam keadaan yang cukup matang...but as for my character....i dont know what to say...i can be childish, independant, joker of the day, naughty...kadang2 macam sial pun ada. Eventho I'm a 27 year old single sabahan mix confuse a bit, tall and skinny with lots of liabilities, workaholic girl but I'm happy with my life at the moment....well of course, everytime if there's a wedding, the question "so when is your turn?" will pop out not only from my friends, but my parents also....and my answers would be "It's not my priority". is that an excuse? or just to relief my ownself? mmm.....well ya...Its not my priority...because I still have lots of things to explore. But I'm happy for all my married friends...

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  1. very nice weding photos:) nice to meet with you.