Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tips to clean your iron box

Too excited to share this. In fact, i have posted in my fb and instagram. Sesiapa yang mengalami masalah untuk membersihkan iron @ muka seterika yang berkuridak? giving you exanple seperti gambar rajah di bawah:

Yes! its mine..jangan tidak tahu, saya memang penggemar membakar baju and iron board sejak zaman dahulu kala lagi...ngeeeeee maafkan saya, maafkan saya. First incident masa study in UTM, i have my own iron in my room. Dont like to share okay, cos I know incident terbakar can happen. And so, i picked my satin baju kurung yang belum pernah pakai lagi and excited to iron cos excited sangat sangat jugak untuk dipakai ke kuliah nanti. But what to do? Turns out, i've burnt it! Rest in Peace my dear green satin baju kurung. Menjerit la satu asrama masa tu. Sorry Inol, my room mate. :) i know I have such a powerful voice. Ngeeee :D

2nd one, when I was attending my sewing class. Everytime habis jahit baju we need to iron kan. And so it happens again...berlubang iron board tu mak kerja kan. Sorry cikgu Murni ;) ... kejadian yg tragedis itew disaksikan oleh my cousin Alicia yg joining the class sama sama.

So back to the story uolls. I found this tips in youtube. Its very useful and easy. All u need is just a panadol and also a cloth/towel. Very simple, first you need to heat up the iron, then rub the panadol/paracetamol. be very careful okay...tangan terbakar mak tak jamin. what happen is, the panadol akan cair seperti lilin, together with all the stain marks...then just wipe it off with a towel/cloth. Tapi kalau takut sangat, letak panadol atas kain yang tebal, and then just wipe your iron. No need to crush the panadol.

Hasil nya...taraaaa!!!!! ngeeee.... :D no more kotoran degil 

here's the link:

Selamat Mencuba :)

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