Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Korea Trip - Day 1

26th March 2011, Saturday

Safely landed at Incheon Airport At 630am. It's early spring in Korea with 2c temperature, WOW I like!! After collecting all the luggage, immigration kami disambut dengan mesra oleh local tour guide Ms Jennifer  Shin. (very warm, pretty and talkative guide). Rombongan diberi masa untuk freshen up, while waiting for our bus. Jennifer bought me a strong kaw cup of coffee which is very helpful for a cold weather. Outside the airport, wow I just lurve it, mulut berasap asap bila bernafas...mengalahkan pengalaman summer in London.

We get onto the bus, hari ni busy touring, but just a light one cos baru sampai from KL, a tiring night on the flight, Jennifer decided to bring us to Nami Island..yeah!!!! Most of the rombongan pergi Korea ni actually just to see Nami Island. Aktiviti wajib cos mau mengimbas kenangan cerita chenta si Winter Sonata. Journey takes about 45 minutes from Incheon Airport to Nami Island. While inside the bus, Jennifer introduce us a little bit about Seoul. The river, the transportation, the culture, geography, weather and so on. Geezzz....the scenery all brownish, pokok pokok kayu yang tinggal ranting, botak... a little bit of saki baki snow di atas rumput...i hate this scenery....

our bus

Nami Island Immigration


sebelum berangkat, Jennifer asked us to try the sweet potatoes and corn

we off to Nami via cruise

nasib baik naik ferry, sabar jak la aku

and so we arrived at Nami....let the pics to the talking

 map of the island...kecik jak

 salah satu main attraction

tempat adegan first kiss si winter sonata

 anak sungai yang masih beku

ini lagi satu attraction yg dicari cari diorang ni

 toilet ni best sebab dalam tu ada heater hahaha

restaurant halal in Nami

Jennifer explaining  on how to eat the dishes

kimchi rice inside the hot aluminium container, use the glove to shake shake and shake!

then it's ready to be eaten...wah sedapnya...rindu mau makan lagi...

Fish cake soup

after lunch, we perform our solat zohor here

after performing solat, kami pun beredar from Nami Island

and visit chuncheon myeongdong untuk a lil bit of shopping. Ni lagi satu lokasi penggambaran filem Winter Sonata. Tempat ni lah yg diorang bertemu kembali selepas si Jun Sang tu lupa ingatan. Siap ada tugu lagi...tolong lah ahahah. My tour guide force me to take photo here.

 while waiting for customers to go shopping, me and my tour guide having our coffee break at this cafe.

 cosy, nice and hidden...dapat melepaskan diri sekejap hehe

 my latte

after given 1 hour shopping, we make our move to Seoul. Before check in hotel, we had our dinner at Itaewon area.

 buffet style

my meal

then after dinner we check in at Seoul Stars Hotel.

the lobby

my room, very big, nice and new hotel

and great accommodation too!

okay, i guess enough for today, really need some sleep here..tomorrow we are going for city tour.

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  1. hiii...Can I ask for contact from local tour guides (Ms Jennifer Shin) that you use when in korea?