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My Euro Trip Adventure-Paris Part III

23rd June 2010, Wednesday

Bonjour Paris!!

Tidur malam di Paris memang nyenyak sekali. Mungkin sebab suhu yg kurang sejuk dan lack of energy. Maklumlah, sudah hampir 10 hari merantau di Negara orang. Today would be our last day to explore Paris. Memang banyak attractions yg ingin dilawati plus shopping. So after having our breakfast in the hostel, hmmm croissant nya memang enak sekali. Beeps pulak revised the map untuk plan our journey for today.

Our first destination would be the Arc De Triomphe. The famous monument that stands in the centre of the place Charles de Gaulle. Getting there by metro, and stop at Charles de Gaulle Etoile station. Hari ni kami beli daily pass. So lagi jimat dan mudah. After taking few snapshots then we walk towards Champs Elysees, the most prestigious avenue in Paris. It is also the most beautiful avenue in the world. So, bila jalan jalan sini memang terasa kaya sekejap, and the environment is clean, not like the usual Paris yang aku telah lawat ;P 

me, trying hard to push the monument ;)

This avenue also is the home for the biggest LV boutique. Did a bit of shopping here and we continue our stroll in the park. Sempat jugak merembat peach tea. Memang minuman kegemaranku apabila berada di bumi eropah ni. As we walk along the long avenue, sempat jugak bertemu dengan Charles de Gaulle. Nama airport Paris diambil sempena nama beliau. And few buildings along the way memang wajib untuk disnap.

Charles de Gaulle

Grand Palais

Petit Palais

We continue our walk towards the Pont Alexandre III. It’s actually an arch bridge that spans the Seine River. The bridge is fully decorated with beautiful lampposts and sculptures and from here we can see the Eiffel Tower.

hey I'm touching the eiffel

We continue to walk along Voie Georges Pompidou to reach Place de la Concorde. It’s the largest square in Paris. Nothing much interesting here actually. Tapi kalau ingat cerita Devil wears Prada, di sinilah adegan si heroin to buang hp dia. Hehehe…a bit difficult to snap photo here due to the traffic and also maintenance work. 

Palais Bourbon seen from Pont de la Concorde

Luxor Obelisk – located in the centre of the place, gave by the Egyptian Government.

the square

The fountains, Place de la Concorde

Then we walk along Rue Royale to see the Madeleine. It’s a Roman Catholic church and the most fashionable weddings in Paris are celebrated here.

Rue Royale

L'├ęglise de la Madeleine 

Cuaca semakin panas…oh sudah tengahari rupanya. So tiba masanya untuk memerut. So we continue to walk towards Boulevard des Capucines dengan harapan untuk terserempak dengan makanan yg enak dan lazat. Sekali tengok kami terjebak dengan aktviti lain. We are so lucky that day, there’s a 5th Desigual store opening and lots of promo going on. We got nice Desigual Shopping bag. Once entered, kami dijamah dengan few snacks. Sambil tu, apa lagi, berangkut lah lagi sehelai baju “new arrival” di situ. And, the staff offered me to personalize my shirt for free and it takes only few minutes for her to sew it. 

So while waiting, we decided to grab a bite at Starbucks which located nearby. Dalam banyak banyak starbucks yg aku pernah jejaki, this one memang lain dari yang lain. The concept and interior is different. Macam dalam hotel rasanya, with the furnitures, decos and ambience. Keseronokan lah kami sekejap. Harus ambik gambar.

Berapa hari berada di Paris, terlupa pulak agenda penting. Yakni, mencari Longchamp. We can see lots of people carrying this brand almost everywhere, tapi 1 boutique dia pun belum lagi ditemui. And so, while we’re enjoying our coffee, ternampak jiran sebelah tu pakai beg Longchamp. Kami nekad untuk tanya directly to her rather than googling. Memang pelik jugak budak tu, but the nearest place that we can find is at Galleries Lafayette katanya. 

So after we collect our clothes yg indah kejadiannya, Galleries Lafayette here we go! Just walking distance from Desigual tadi. Lebih kurang macam Harrods jugak lah keadaannya but we didn’t spend much time here, after getting what we want we continue our journey to the next destination. Taking the Metro, the Louvre is the place. One of the most largest and visited museum in the world. WHY? Sebab di sinilah letaknya Monalisa. Bila sampai di sini, teringat cerita Da Vinci Code. Memang panas cuaca di sini, tapi still ramai pengunjung yang berlepakan. The view? Magnifique!!


are u ready??

nice huh

YESS!!! kelihatan sikit sikit

There you go!!

So next destination is the Notre Dame, a gothic catholic cathedral. Taking the metro train again. Tapi kami agak susah sedikit untuk mencari this famous building. Terjebak lah jugak kami di kedai kedai souvenirs tepi jalan. Tapi keadaan cuaca yang panas membuatkan kami cepat letih dan perutku pun mula lah meragam. After asking directions from the locals, finally kami jumpa jugak but only take few snapshots sebab kepenatan and kepanasan.

Kalau diikutkan most of the major attractions in Paris sudah di conquer. Tapi tidak bermakna it’s the end of our exploration for today. After Notre Dame, we’re going to visit the Eiffel Tower again. Yes, kali ni untuk mendapatkan gambaran siang. Lagi pun, memang dalam itinerary hari ni mau memanjat tower tersebut. Mujur ada train station yang berdekatan, so Eiffel Tower, here we go again!

At first, memang semua mau naik tower ni, tapi setibanya di sini, aku sendirian bhd lah pulak. Beeps decided not to because dia sudah pernah naik, leleng and appy seems kepenatan and decided to rest di taman taman saja. So aku pun memberanikan diri, walaupun ada sedikit kegayatan. Tapi as what beeps told me “pergilah naik, kalau tidak, bila lagi” So, aku pun dengan bangganya q untuk beli tiket, yes cuaca masih panas and the queue sangat paaaaaaaaannnnnnnnjjjaaaaaaaaannnnnnngggggg. Hahahah lebih kurang 45 minit jugak kena tunggu untuk sampai ke kaunter tiket. I suggest kalau kamurang betul mau naik ni tower, belilah ticket secara online untuk elakkan sebarang kesulitan and at least save time. 
It cost me €13.10 to get to the top floor. After dapat tiket kena q and tunggu lift lagi untuk naik the tower. Phewwww aku harap the ride berbaloi dengan pengorbanan aku ni. Hehehe..

So naik lah aku sorang sorang, berlagak pulak tu berdiri di hujung sekali konon konon mau tengok view, tapi bila lift tu naik aku sudah rasa macam sesak nafas. GAYAT SIUT! Nasib baik lift stops at 2nd floor. From here, all your photos of Paris will be wonderful katanya. The souvenir shop and snacks bar pun ada, but I decided not to waste my time since the girls are waiting for me down there. So queuing again for the next lift to go to the top floor. Choy!!!

enjoy the view from 2nd floor:

ni bila masuk lift I decided to stand at the centre. Tapi memang psycho jugaklah, adakah patut dalam diam tu tiba tiba seorang budak bersuara “Oh My God! This is scary” then semua orang ketawa dalam lift tu. Aku berdiam diri jak. Hahahaha…sampai top floor, you will enjoy a breathtaking views of Paris. A 360° photo panoramic of Paris making it easy to identify the city landmarks. They have viewpoint indicators to inform you as to which direction and how far to other great cities in the world. I managed to get 1 person to take my photo on top. Then after that turun balik. The journey is better than climbing up.

view from the top floor:

can you see??? bayang-bayang bucu eiffel tower??

Sampai bawah, I met the girls. Kesian tengok, I think almost 2 hours jugaklah I spent for the attraction. Rupa rupanya ada kejadian diberak burung diorang ni..hahhaha…

I guess that’s it for today. We have covered Paris dengan puasnya. Balik Anvers, we decided to have our BIG DINNER at one of the Iranian Restaurant located near our hostels sambil sambil membeli souvenirs untuk orang tersayang. 



Balik hotel ni HEADACHE!!!! Sebab kena packing lagi dengan barang yang makin bertambah tambah. 
Besok, pergi London lagi…..Bonnuit Paris

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