Sunday, April 25, 2010

Melahap di Hujung Minggu

owh i feel bloated perfffffffffffff!!!!

nowadays i feel very weak. Im feeling old ahahahaha...Im so weak and i dont think I have the energy to work 5 days in a row in a week! I need my off day to be scheduled on every Wednesday and I dont mind to work full day on Saturday....OMG! please give me the strength to face all this bullshits hahahaha

and I can only feel happy if my stomach is full ;) I need lotsa food to keep my mouth shut!

and so, last saturday I went to kai kai at Times Square after work. Ya after working full day on saturday with no aircond in the entire building, its like working in the sauna.

and to ease the tense...i chose to stop here

Sweetchat-simply dessert hmmmm

located in the centre of Times Square

i had my scones

macaroni and cheese

bubur pulut hitam

peach soda and strawberry mojito

actually, its hard for me to choose what to eat....they offeres lotsa dessert yummy yummy one ya know..lets have a look

the fancy drinks

kiwi fruit karakatoa

Chilled Pulut Hitam Paste with Durian

Grass Jelly with Mango

Durian Pancake, Durian Cendol, Tutti Fruiti Soy Bean Jelly going back here next week!!!

Comes to Sunday.....Ive planned earlier that its gonna be spring cleaning day....ketak ketuk ketak ketuk....I saw kak itok in the kitchen playing masak masak...then she force me to eat this with her sweet smile

the orange color is actually salmon tumis with tomato, then got mix vege..macam macam daun dalam tu, warna purple pun ada...siap faded lagi warna purple cabbage tu, then the rice is actually wild brown rice. This is so called "KAK ITOKS HEALTHY RECIPE"

the moment i saw this, i shouted "O.M...O.M......OMG!!!!! im not living in Africa!!!!"

drama sikit...

then kak itok start pujuking me "you know dik, this is salmon....not sardine....the mix vege i cook with olive oil u know...then the rice is very special...siap beli from europe lagi u know...."

then i just slowly eat la....tak baik tolak rejeki....

To continue my aktiviti memerut, after finished spring cleaning, I went to Curve, actually my main objective is to find new pair of flats but then aku terjebak.....

Bumbu Desa-offers Sundanese and Padang's cuisine

banyak orang palsu dalam ni :) i wonder what were they doing during nite time? hah


memang crowded

its an a la carte menu but they serve like buffet style..we just need to choose watever we want then they will serve us later

my menu:

coconut juice and es campur

simply love this, see the avocado?? nyum but no nangka inside???

ikan talapia and cumi goreng

pucuk ubi tumbuk masak lemak

asam pedas

nasi apa ntah ni...lebih kurang cam nasi lemak but without santan

and their famous sambal

tabur tabur bunga rampai

Belum habis di 7pm, aku sudah kelaparan...and decided to have my dinner here

Nachos Nachos at Giant Kota Damansara

a small fancy restaurant

with green wall and red chairs

strawberry and mango margaritta for me???

chicken nachos, cajun chicken and potato skin for me

beef steak for Hanif
belum habis lagi ni....balik ini lagi yg aku hentam:

wow...kalau setiap minggu gini...tidak lama lagi badan aku macam Maria Tunku Sabri....
ni semua angkara si dia:

ni lah si hanif a.k.a tukang bayar..(1st time kemunculan dalam blog ini..tuan empunya diri pun sudah complain byk kali actually)

tapi apa apa pun....

habuanku di minggu ini...
huahhhh ...nangis nangis...i think next weekend tidak dapat byk makan huahhhh

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