Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hey I'm 29

10th April 2010, Saturday

Today, I'm officially 29 years old. Thank God for giving me another 1 year to live. Alhamdulillah.

Well what's up on my birthday? nothing i grew older, I would have less expectations. Whatever it is, Im so glad that I still have lots of friends sending me wonderfull wishes thru sms, fb, calls, e mail, blogs...hmmmmm

I got my early birthday celebration on 7th April 2010 by my D1 unit, shocking to have my favourite cheese cake with my full name written on it. and we had nasi beriyani on that day

the gift: its a music box pen holder

thanks guys

got this from Norafizan the next day, I guess everybody is excited to celebrate my birthday earlier huh?

then on the 9th, I got this from hanif, not so shocking, but shocking to see the selection of flower n the colours, cos its my favourite...much much better than valentines day..

Then comes to the big day, my FB wall bagai nak runtuh!!! hahah...but I dont have the sexcitement to celebrate my birthday anymore, dont know why.....and so I'm just thinking bout eating...thats it

I had my lunch at Tarbush Sunway with Hanif, after Bujie cancelled her lunch date with me :(

its a nice arabian restaurant, its my first experience here actually

the open area, kat sini siap boleh nampak sunway lagoon lagi, a bit noisy la

menu for the day:

pickles and pita


mixed grill


baklava for dessert

owh..tempat ini memang best...bujie! kau rugi tidak join...len kali kita dtg k ;)

as for dinner, I had with my kak itok, amoi and kak ani (my aunt)

we had our dinner at Waterlily, balinese restaurant

random pics

as for the menu:

kak ani's carrot juice

ak itok's teh serai

amoi's avocado juice

and my es campur

and we had our nasi campur

the next day....

got this from Hanif ;)

from Murni

and from Azie

then on 14th April 2010, I got my belated birthday celebration with Bujie. Guess what???

This is the reason why she had to cancelled the birthday lunch date with me....

Beeps in town!

(kesian bujie, kononnya mau buat aku orgasm, but then, I can smell something....sorry if I'm not that SURPRISE tho kekekeke

we had our dinner at Meatworks Solaris

sophie pun ada hehe..celebrate birthday together la ni (april babies)

our menu:

pembuka selera: cecincin bawang

bujie and beeps having the same menu


and MINE!!! absolutely

minuman tanpa alkohol..sesuai untuk ibu mengandung..walaupun teda ibu yg mengamdung

at nite lepak lagi...another april baby, Erni join us that nite ;)

wow! im lucky to have lots of friends


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