Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dinner for Committee

Kali ni upacara memerut lagi. Its one of the appreciation dinner la tu for the AEON Annual Dinner 2010 committees. Limited for 10 person only, cos satu table jak alocationnya. Dengar cerita, kali ni hidangan agak berbeza. As soon as aku dapat the invitation, aku terus say yes to confirm on my attendace and plot terus dalam calendar ku. hmmmm memang looking foward to this la.

Dinner's s served at West Lake Garden Restaurant

Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

3oth March 2010, Tuesday

8pm onwards

the table setting

appetisers "WOW" this is superb

shark's fin soup with scallops

chicken with almond

prawns: 2 choices ( I SUPER LIKE IT!)

i have to skip this. Brocolli with tauhu

Deep Fried Pomfret

instead of nasi, they serve us with wantan mee...thumbs up

the desserts: jelly with herbs and green been pastry

this is the reason why i reserved some space in my stomach. Mango Sago with Vanilla Ice Cream, wow wee juicylicious

ok. The serving was for 10 persons (standard lah kan), but then only the fantastic four yang turn up. So this time no need to rebut rebut makan, everybody cukup makan. Its just that, we need to struggle with the food. BAYANGKANLAH......

p/s: to those yg did not turn up "korang memang rugi cos the food was very nice compared with the annual dinner". To those yg reject the invitation "aiyo! makan pun susah kah???"

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