Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Birthday Dinner

I've mentioned earlier that my staffs will only celebrate my birthday on 11th only. Poor me, sad, lonely, attention seeker...membawa diri dan menunggu kalau kalau ada orang want to have some fun that nite...but nope...I guess everybody was thinking that I might going out with someone special...dowh!!!! Akan tetapi, mujur ada Abang Muda (bukan nama sebenar), muncul dan menjadi rescuer of the day....Abang Muda, a friend of Kak Itok, offered me dinner that nite, and so I choose Bubba Gump, baru lah teringat, rupanya last year pun ada birthday dinner with the girls there....and drinking the blue lime juice with the blinking glass. Ahaks!!

It was an ordinary dinner, not much to tell, after dinner just go back home straight, very tiring cos tomolo need to work...what a boring birthday dinner I have.....huhhhhh.....(but at least got orang sweet..tx abang muda)

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