Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Facebook Profile Pic

After sooooooo...looooongggg....finally, Ive changed my facebook profile photo from

to this

bukan apa, MALAS...bukan selalu pun aku ni berfacebook..jarang...antara sebab sebab mengapa I've to change the profile pic :

comments on the old photo:

1.pak yah:gambo ni macam kanak kanak le

2.farina kee:about time

3.Ian Hashim(bukan nama sebenar): u know better which is best for you

4.Zally Shadan: shud...sebab kuning tu gambar

5.gambar kena sakit jaundice tu


Comments on the new photo:

1.Ayu Hamiza:spt biase,ko tukar la gambar ape pown, ko tetap gojes...


1 comment:

  1. I stumbled upon this blog as I was working. (a keyword mishap on google; your blog had a word I was looking for and now I regret even starting the entire search)

    I must say, your blog kept me reading... simply because this has got to be one of if not THE most annoyingly, self centered, poorly written, self indulgent, "kampung", pretentious, and pathetic blog I have ever seen, till today, of course.

    Points to note in the future:
    1) Avoid writing in English, when your command is obviously not as strong as you believe it to be.

    2) Consider writing about topics people would care about, simply because this is a space for the general public, and your thoughts about yourself, is almost as useless and highly boring, as white bread.

    3) I applaud your ability to see a beautiful woman in the mirror, I believe it must be very difficult. But once again, your thoughts on style, fashion and looks is a unique one; one I doubt anybody with half a brain would agree with.

    4) The gift of literary prowess, is one to be proud of. Though this is something that can be honed, it is not something one can hope to acquire. You do not have this gift, and therefore will never acquire it. You may learn English, or Bahasa, and be a linguist, but a writer, you will never be. If I were you, I would light this blog on fire (metaphorically of course, you probably need your computer to brush up on your many little inadequacies), before you further embarrass yourself.

    5) For a person who does not read, you sure as hell put people through great amounts of suffering while reading your "crap". Please, stop the torture, and do something you're good at.... okay, something you're okay at.

    6) I am a great supporter of women, as I am one too. I believe in feminist ideals, and believing in your sisters. But, I cannot stand back and watch a member of our sisterhood, treat herself with this much disrespect and ignorance. Believe in who you really are, and shed this mask and costumes of a freak. Embrace who you are. At this point, I am embarrassed to say I have visited such a page.

    In not so many words, this blog sucks.

    You will probably delete this message before it sees the light of day, but read it. It will do you some good. At least a good laugh. :)

    If you do not understand the comments being made,please refer to a dictionary (the thick book with all the words and meanings in them...yup)

    Thanks, and I hope to never see this blog again.