Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Birthday Prezie

This would be the best part, I would like to share with you, my birthday prezie, susunan adalah mengikut masa penerimaan...huhu

Teddy Bouquet from Nora

Kain baju from Azie

soft toy from Ezra

CD Lipstick from Ejump (my wishlist)

Teddy Bear from My D1 Team

Bouquet from Iz JB

Naraya Cosmetics Bag from Janice

Bouquet with balloons from Alex (wishlist)

Body Shop from GEP Dept (wishlist)

Another Teddy Bear but bigger from Suzie

pink fluffy pillow from Adil (wishlist)

Choc from Murni

another choc from Dasan Boy

Mug with my face on it!!! wow from Shahrol

Singing Barney from Abg Nazir (look how huge it is)

Speechless-From Yaya

kaftan from Che Yati (wishlist)

Another Body Shop from Alimi (Wishlist)

tafsir Al-Quran from Ayurina (wishlist)
Accesories Holder - From Yusnita (wishlist)

Charm Bracelete from Mama Feli (wishlist)

phone casing and teddy keychain from Wanie
hmmmm...belum cukup quota, cos adalah lagi yang on the way...nanti akan diblogkan ok...anyway thanks for the wishes and prezie...
muah muah


  1. ADA LAGI???????? WAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......

  2. apa ba di buat kak itok tu... tinggi betul kondek nya