Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tropicana City-The New Pulse in PJ

If you noticed my previous entry, i did mentioned about kak Itok and me visiting the new shopping complex. Nah, inilah dia, exact location, errr....I dont really know the name of the place, but somewhere along LDP from Damansara to Kelana Jaya, it is at the left hand side, boleh nampak lah

not so big, but ada Carrefour dalam tu, maybe that would be the reason why people go there

from the main entrance you can see IBM old building

kedai-kedai biasa jak dalam tu, then ada Nichii

the booths

Kak Itok browsing jamu-jamuan at one of the booths

I bought this hair clip for my self, terlalu bling bling til blur

and also this ring

wow! I lurve big ring, could be one of my birthday wishlist

But if let say you guys wanna go there, I suggest maybe next mth only, cos only few kedai jak yg bukak, some more, that placa belum happening lagi lah, but just incase you want to buy groceries from Carrefour then should be ok cos parking FREE!!

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