Monday, January 5, 2009

My New Croc's Jit Bitz

I bought this croc sempena explorace, dulu I hate to see this bulky rubber shoe. But after wearing it, memang comfy and feedbacks from others "cute". I cant remember how much the costs, but to make it nicer to look, I accesorised it with the jit bitz and it costs me RM10.90 each. At first I bought 3 bijiks, then after a few weeks I bought another 2 bijiks. But yesterday, jalan jalan in KLCC, I found the fake jit bitz and it cost me RM10 for 3 bijiks..COOL!!!

So, inilah kejadiannya, too crowded. I added the daisy, flip flops and bling bling heart. (RM10 only) huhuhu..NICE and COMFY...

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