Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Miss Me?

Hallo people all around the world!!!!!! Elsa in da house...yo yo wats up my nigga? huhuh its been a while, ndak mengupdate blog, hey come closer...and I'll tell you why...actualy.....due to the cost efficiency, bla bla, penipu, kedekut, taik hidung masin #$%&*(^%%$# its confirmed that my internet di office has been blocked. Yup! very very ohhh....dont let me put it into words please.
But I AM SO FREAKING PISSED!!! there's no more entertainment in the office, however, aku kembali membuat habit asal aku iaitu doing personal calls..hmmm but then yesterday I received a report from the Operation Improvement Unit, all the bills of the personal calls, nah apa lagi ampai ampai nombor papito, home sweet home, and si mimi. So what should I do next just to get some space to relax my mind? uarghhhhh.....
So since today, internet haram berfungsi at home, so I spend a bit of my time to update my little black blog. Lagi pun, just got an award from my sis.."Most Updated Blog" so kena lah feel motivated a bit..huhu
always, now and forever: ME, myelsakee

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  1. my sympathy to you.... for having crappy office facilities.