Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Secret Admire - Wrap Up Session

12th December 2008, Friday
Level 28, Menara Olympia

Still remember the secret admire thingy??? so 12th December lepas we wrap up the event to reveal who is the actual mentor yang selama ini giving us the weekly gifts.... Sekaligus, celebrate christmas for CMG-CC

In this event, not only we get to know who is our mentor, but we also have the chance to give feedback on the overall of the luckiest person chosen is me...maybe because I'm one of the best mentee...enjoy the photos

Kelam kabut setup the PA system

Buat apa pun sama jugak, no changes

Para penonton keboringan

Tapi kami tetap bergila di belakang

Dan VIP masih mampu tersenyum

The Christmas Carol yang kelam kabut

Since I'm not incharge on the event, aku duduk belakang with the kids

Seperti yang dijangkakan, my mentor is Ms Murni, so as a token of appreciation, I gave her this hamper that contains all the weekly gifts. Thanks Murni!!

However, the Grand Finale will be on 19th December 2008, that day, we will get our grand gift!!! hmmm apalah agaknya...akan diblogkan....

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