Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Do You Want In Your Life

11:28am (019600xxxx) : Wat u wan in ur life

02:32pm (me) : Oi soalan apa ni?

02:33pm (019600xxxx) :sj tnya pn xbleh...nyampah..umph

04:10pm (019600xxxx) : Mek cha cpatlh jwb soalan aku tuh, alaa..cpatlah..jwb dlm blog pn leh jg..

05:32pm (me) : k nanti aku blogkan

05:57pm (019600xxxx) : oraite..

hmmm...I received this sms yesterday, 14th October 2008...and I was wondering why???? its ok then...untuk menjawab soalan peminat aku.....

kalau secara generalnya of coz lah aku mau berjaya dalam hidup aku..meaning apa jua perkara yang aku lakukan I hope everything will come out superbly and I want to excel in life

Tapi kalau secara desire-nya I want my Jaguar, new wardrobe, my working attire would be all in Raoul, i want to stay in a very homey type of penthouse...I want to increase my top friends....i want to migrate...i want to change my boss...., i want to visit Spain before the age of 30, i want to change my job....get a new laptop....hmmmm...bring my parents for my gurlfwen...beep, ida, sasha, zurina, sopie etc..., I want to be rich and famous...errrghhh...banyak lagi kot....can I increase my Citigold credit limit????....

But in short term...I want to top up my handphone, watch movie, get my starbucks, finish my call monitoring

Tapi kalau secara tidak logiknya.... i wish i could turn back time....cos ada banyak benda yang aku belum lakukan and i think its too late for me to start now....contohnya change my job.....learn music and ouch...

Hey 019600xxxx ok tak???? menepati soalan?????


  1. u should hv your own happy family..
    getting married rather than all dat things.cheh

  2. im hepi at last i can coment(")
    i do love ur is dif thing. than fantasy is dif thing..
    but best kan klu kita mampu jadikan
    fantasy tu reality..hemmmm best nyak!!!