Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday Operation

I love working on Saturday. Very relaxing as most of the bosses wont be around. Nah kenapalah pulak hari ni Mr Poon (my HOG) tiba2 muncul kira-kira jam 11am. Tiba-tiba....

Poon: Elsa. Come!

Me : Yes Mr Poon

Poon: Do you know that the air cond is not functioning?

Me : (I just remain silent becos I know it wasnt a question-trust me I know him well)

Poon: Elsa, we are relying on you. Do you know that on Saturday all the UH is off. I already talk to Felicia (AM) that you will take care the unit, I've informed Carmen (HOD) that you will incharge.

Me : (this one I know bukan cerita sebenar)

Poon: Did you checked y the aircond is not functioning? Did you take care of the staffs environment? Is it condusive for them?

Me : The centralised air cond is functioning but the blower is slow, infact I already switch on our own aircond but the staff is complaining its cold.

Poon: Did you check with Frodo y the centralised aircond is slow? it doesnt matter if theres no problem with our own aircond.But we are paying mthly for the centralised one. (twist story lah now) can you please check and get back to me?

Me: Ok

after a while, Mr Poon call me again. But this time ask me to sit. That means its gonna be a long session. But anyway I've learnt a few things. I summarise:

"Elsa, I'm trying to develop my people. I want to see you to the next level. But in order for you to get there, 2 things that is very important. number 1: throw your ego. that means we have to be humble yet firm. number 2: see things have to know everything, do extra mile job put in effort.....Elsa, hows your result? actually I'm not really worried on that because I know you have no problem in giving results, monitoring your got everything it's just that you have to fine tune. you already have the ingredients to be the next UH but I want you to know. Example, if lets say you want to cook chicken curry, 2 main ingredients is the chicken and curry powder. most of the people here only only got 1. Either the chicken or the curry powder only. You understand or not? and some people dont even have 1 of the ingredient. But you, you got the chicken and curry powder. but the the curry powder is not in a right measurement. So please do something...ok?"

talk so much almost 1 hour...but the end of the day...I know...READ!!! thats the keyword...

Poon: If you cant read, dont see it as your weakness, see it as your challenge.


  1. Anonymous said...
    If poon read ur blog maybe u’ll have to spend another 2hours at his place hehe..


  2. Anonymous said...

    pink gurl

  3. a.k.a SUXX said...
    u should find the reason, y mr poon choose curry?

    u should learn from christina.

    emm tempe is better.

    October 18, 2008 4:41 PM